The communities of West Vancouver, Sea-to-Sky Country and Coast Salish First Nations, who are stewards of Howe Sound, have been concerned over the proposal by Woodfibre LNG Limited, to establish a Liquid Fractured Gas         refining, cooling and export terminal. 

   And so this festival of perspectives has offered a
contribution to the debate, with educated
and experienced insight.


It is my absolute pleasure to extend my heartfelt thanks to all who participated in bringing the 3E Festival into such
a fantastic reality ~ please find acknowledgement for
your support in the 3E program synopsis below. 
And to each and every attendee ~ thank you
so very much for engaging!


Laid out over the course of four evenings, the mission of   the 3E forum was, and still is, to create thoughtful dialogue between members of the surrounding community, stimulated by respected educators, policy makers, investment advisors and those whose ancestors have lived here from time immemorial.

The dates were:

Monday, August 10            ENERGY                                     Tuesday, August 11             ENVIRONMENT                 Monday, August 17             ECONOMIC                             Tuesday, August 18             INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE  

At the Kay Meek Centre Studio Theatre
1700 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver
In The Squamish First Nation Traditional Territory
Offered at reception were cocktails, beer, herbal tea
 and delicious organic vegetarian canapés ~
all locally distilled, brewed and grown!


Sundance Chief Rueben George of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation welcomes the audience and speaks of his spiritual and cultural connection to these lands and his path of stewardship.  We commence the conversation concerning viable energy alternatives and the creation of clean energy systems in Canada with highly respected experts Jeremy Moorhouse SENIOR ANALYST CLEAN ENERGY CANADA, and Ian Baillie REGIONAL DIRECTOR CANADIAN WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION.

The film "4TH REVOLUTION - ENERGY AUTONOMY" is a captivating vision of global energy needs, powered 100 percent by renewable sources.  Through this film a credible movement for energy autonomy has been declared with the resultant re-balancing of wealth.  An alternate view from 2013 is presented in "THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE EXPLAINS THE IMPORTANCE OF HYDRAULIC FRACTURING". 

Why are we waiting to use clean, abundant renewable sources?  Join the positive embrace of the future now!



Our local Eoin Finn shines the light of researched facts onto the issue of risk of LNG / LFG in Howe Sound. Clarification as to the legacy that we are creating is provided by water remediation scientist Lauren Eden, who is recently returned from the 'front lines' of Alberta, and Eoin Madden of WILDERNESS COMMITTEE who shares with us his extensive experience of the hydraulic fracturing industry.  

Environment is gorgeously celebrated in "SPOIL - THE GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST" and woefully witnessed in it's degradation in "FRACKING HELL - THE UNTOLD STORY".  The delightful psychoanalyst George Marshall offers how we can foster consensual solutions out of the climate change debate, now, in "TALKING CLIMATE CHANGE (WITH THE CENTRE RIGHT)" 

If you're not really up on what is actually going down in the world of 'fracking', in British Columbia and beyond, and what that means for our neighbourhood and our world, then this is a not-to-be-missed evening.  Emerge all the wiser and inspired!



We are pleased to announce that MP Candidates for the West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky Country riding will participate on the Q&A panel period following the guest speakers' presentations and films.

Jay Ritchlin Regional Director DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION and Matt Blackman leading international financial analyst and advocate for Squamish to join the CANADIAN SOLAR CITIES group, speak about the value and relationship of an intact eco-system to the local economy of tourism, commerce and light industry, non-reliant on the fossil fuel industry.

Films “SACRED ECONOMICS” with Charles Eisenstein, takes us through the history of our fossil fuel derived economic system to today; “DIRECTLY AFFECTED” by local director Zack Embree exposes realities of fracking that have been missed too often in the debate on how this industry is affecting our environment; and Tom Rand in “KICK THE FOSSIL FUEL HABIT” presents an exciting plethora of immediately accessible renewable alternatives, that practically and urgently must be insisted upon for our government to invest our money in.

Maybe all we have to do is wake up, to release ourselves from the dirge of unnecessary addiction to fossil                                                         fuels. 



We are delighted to welcome you this evening to hear the integrity of sound and wisdom of lyrics of Ta'Kaiya Blaney as she sings for us during the post theatre reception. 

Two inspiring and award-winning youths ~  Emily Kelsall ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST, acclaimed speaker and poet, and Ta'Kaiya Blaney SLIAMMON FIRST NATION SPOKESPERSON TO THE UN & singer songwriter,  talk about their roles and motivations for the future, policy change, empowerment and sustainability, together with Doug McArthur CHAIR SIERRA CLUB and DIRECTOR SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY SFU.

A number of up-lifting short films, by those who are guiding lights in their contribution to humanity will be screened: “PERMACULTURE - AN ABUNDANCE OF HOPE”; a glimmer of “STEPHEN RITZ - THE MAN SHAPING THE 21ST CENTURY”;  "TOM RAND - TEDX TORONTO" author of WAKING THE FROG; the trailer (only) to the much awaited “FRACTURED LAND” to be released in September at VIFF, and the just released cinematographic wonder, “THE UNKNOWN SEA - A VOYAGE ON THE SALISH”.                                                                                                                                         

This evening particularly addresses creating ecologically sound, economic alternatives to the Liquid Fractured Gas proposal for the Woodfibre/Swiy'a't village site in Howe Sound.


The 3E Festival would not have been possible without the following individuals and their skill, finesse and joy! 

Jennifer Utley Media PR and Event Development, Kim Desmarais Event Director, Martina Parusel Executive Assistant, Tom Pedriks Graphic Design, Savanna Jones Martin Media & Graphic Creation, Bruce Wilson Media Development, Kristina Stephenson Termansen Graphic Design, Arnel Mercado Event IT, Joanna Ashworth and Tarah Stafford Event Content Advisors, Ruth Simons Event Advisor, Hanna Perry Caterer, Robyn Gray Mixologist.

And with so much gratitude to the Volunteers ~
Lee Nadeau, Pia Massie, Kathryn Laffy, Azja Jones Martin, Archer Jensan, Gerry McCann, Roxanna McKenzie Simons, Susan Drury, Lexi Perry, Sharon Shaw, Minh Ly Quach, Barb Turner, Tricia and Gerry, Susan MacDonald, Chloe Wells, Mary Gray, Anna & Philip Unger, "Outside The Lines" team: Avril Orloff, Colette, Annalee, Dave and Geri.
Thanks also to the unwaveringly dedicated folks at the Kay Meek ~ Justin, Steve & Neil, Mina & Kim.   

THANK YOU ~ with palms together ~ THANK YOU!
The 3E is inspired by youth everywhere, and is dedicated to my youthful son Hunter Jones Martin, who is everywhere! 


Now is the time to make wise choices as to what impact we wish to have on the environment which we love and rely upon ~ through the intelligent sourcing of energy, and in the nurturing of a healthy economy.